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Guangxi makes great contribution to global anti-malaria efforts
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As the only anti-malarial drug in China that has been pre-certified by the World Health Organization, Guangxi-made artesun (artesunate for injection) has been a potent part in the global efforts to fight malaria. To date, 120 million units have been supplied to malaria-affected areas worldwide, curing more than 24 million patients with severe malaria, especially African children.

According to the WHO, nearly 400 million people worldwide are infected with malaria every year and about 80 percent of cases are from Africa. Arteannuin is the first choice for human antimalarial drugs. Global anti-malarial drugs are mainly purchased by international institutions and organizations such as the WHO, the Gates Foundation, and the Global Fund. Two multinational companies in Switzerland and France are United Nations-designated suppliers of artemisinin, which dominate the global antimalarial market.

To be included in the purchase list, Chinese pharmaceutical preparations must pass WHO's pre-certification, which is also the qualification that must be obtained to enter the international market. To date, only the artesun independently developed by Guilin Pharmaceutical Co has been pre-certified by WHO. It has broken the monopoly of international pharmaceutical giants on artemisinin-based anti-malarial drugs and has become one of the main drugs for the Chinese government to assist Africa.

Since 2006, Guilin Pharma has cooperated with Fosun Pharma to undertake the aid projects to Africa of the Ministry of Commerce. The export of artesunate series drugs accounted for more than 80 percent of China's total exports of anti-malaria products.

"Guangxi medical institutions and medical workers have actively participated in China's malaria prevention and control pilot project in Africa. They have shared experience and antimalarial drugs with other countries, making great contribution to accelerating malaria control and elimination in African countries," said Lin Kangming, an expert of the Guangxi Center for Disease Prevention and Control.


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Artesun (artesunate for injection) is an antimalarial drug developed by Guilin Pharmaceutical Co [Photo/]

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